SEO optimization routing

Hi folks! I’ve deployed my first app and i’m trying to make some SEO optimizations, i’ve already configured “prerender-node” with the new meteor 1.3 npm packages(they are great!).
So right now i’m trying to optimize routes: The app is an aggregator like Indeed. What i’d like to achieve is something like Indeed’s system:,-CA-jobs.html
I think that indeed has an html page for every combination of keyword + zone( is this possible?)
If yes , it’s possible to create something like this with Meteor? Is this multi-page environment suitable for Meteor or it will generate some issues?
Actually in my app there are the index and the “Jobs offers” page so something like this:”, i’d like to obtain something like this: "
I’m using EasySearch with custom filters and IronRouter.From a SEO perspective it would be great to have so much content, but i don’t know if Meteor can handle this type of configuration(a lot of pages). Thanks for the help, i hope i’ve made myself clear :grinning:

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