SEO with React was really hard...until now

Seriously. Doing SEO with React isn’t that easy because you don’t really control the <head /> tag and you need to plug this with server-rendering. Not that easy.

There is a really cool package that the NFL did called react-hetmet. It allows you to change anything in the <head /> within your React components. You go there, the page title and description change. Boom. Really easy to use. I really encourage people here to go learn more about react-helmet.

I love it so much that I decided to plug it inside reactrouter:react-router-ssr. If you add the nfl:react-helmet package to your project, the react-router-ssr will detect it and serve it in the header when doing server-rendering.

If you though building something with React and being SEO-friendly was impossible or really hard work, now it’s that simple :). I’ve updated my kickstart examples so that you can have a few examples.

Hopefully it will help many other folks here :slight_smile:


what benefits does it have over meteor-dochead?

In a way it is very similar. However you can use it with any router and any environent (not just Meteor). It is also created / maintained by the NFL developers (no kidding :stuck_out_tongue:).

I think they are both great but I personally use as minimal as possible Meteor only packages because I can re-use on Node.js projects and it is easier to hire qualified people. Mostly my own preference IMHO

Right on. Thanks for the explanation!