Sequential tooltips in Meteor + React

I’m trying to figure out how to present a series of tooltips that help onboard a user to my app. However, I’m having trouble linking the sequence in React. My desired workflow would be:

  1. User signs up.
  2. User sees Tooltip 1 over Button 1.
  3. User does the action Tooltip 1 tells him to do. (or clicks a button on the tooltip to go forward)
  4. User sees Tooltip 2 over Button 2.
  5. etc…

Tooltips 1 and 2 (3, 4…) are not all part of the same component. They might exist when the user does actions in different components. Also, not all of the React components may be loaded. Can anyone suggest how I could do this in React? I’m using React-Bootstrap for my tooltips/overlays.

Looks like you need a Store to hold this state.

Yes, pretty much you need this state to exist outside your components and then use event emitters or Flux solution in your different components to communicate between them.