Serious, scalable Meteor CMS


We’re considering moving our fairly busy (500,000+ sessions/month), global news site to a new CMS and I’m wondering if it’s plausible to look at Meteor for the job. There are more established, stable frameworks, but we don’t move often so it may make sense to bring us to the leading edge.

– Our site requirements are not too complex but we will probably require:
- something SQL for more complex queries (I believe MySQL support is coming soon to Meteor core)
- serving a good number of visitors and editors, plus traffic spikes (complex permissions, caching)
- serving users in developing countries with less modern tech

Is Meteor viable? We may be able to start, lead and part-fund the first 6 months of a new, open-source project – a for publishing, Wordpress for Meteor. Contributions would serve our live, busy media operation and be acknowledged as such.

All opinions, info on other similar projects, suggestions, technical queries, thoughts on scale, support, etc. very welcome.



The architecture I would probably look into is having your CMS (built in Meteor) consume data over DDP from an arbitrary source. You can then write a layer in any language that stands between the CMS and your SQL(?) database and publishes over DDP into the CMS. Eventually this will be replaced by whatever support for MySQL Meteor officially rolls out.

I don’t think you should build the Wordpress side in Meteor, given your requirement for users in developing countries. A Meteor app comes with a minimum 500k javascript payload, which will be much more when you add your templates, assets, javascript, etc. You’d be much better served building your user-facing site using technology that connects to the database directly.

However, Meteor is a great platform for building a CMS; you’ll be able to create a much more responsive, data-driven, business-logic-centric content publishing platform in less time than any other environment. Good luck!


Meteor should be able to do that. However, I am afraid that it is currently not feasible.

The quote below is from meteor mission but I think it will takes years to come true
"It should make everyday things easy, even when those everyday things involve hundreds of servers, millions of users, and integration with dozens of other systems"


Hi Tony -

Do you have a concrete reason that ‘it is not currently feasible’ or that ‘it will take years’? I’m not arguing, but I’m curious to know what led you to that conclusion.

Thank you,


Hi Gamemaker,

Let’s me discuss “'it will take years” first:

Now, “it is not currently feasible”:
Except deployment to meteor, which is not suitable for production, no official deployment to other services. This kind of deployment is done by non-official ways like meteor up or demeteorizer.

Mutil-core support is not official support. Again, it was make available weeks ago by arunoda at meteorhacks.

MySQL support is unknown

Just my 2 cent


You could check out if the size of the meteor client is a concern. It’ll allow you to write your own front end without losing reactive cursors.


Hi @mattli, as long as it’s not just a pitch or a recruitment drive you’d be more than welcome to come give a lightening talk at Meteor London. We normally focus on things people have built, hence the caveats, but you raise some good questions.

Come say hi: