Server bundle: web.browser vs. web.cordova

Hi all,
I built the server bundle of my meteor app (meteor 1.6 based) by the following steps:

<app> # meteor build --server-only --directory <bundle_dir>
<bundle_dir/bundle/programs/server> # meteor npm install --production

The output server bundle has the following directory structure:

<bundle_dir/bundle> # tree -L 2
|-- main.js
|-- programs
|   |-- server
|   |-- web.browser
|   `-- web.cordova
|-- server
`-- star.json

Where the content and size of web.browser and web.cordova are similar. I did a wild try to replace web.cordova by a symb link to web.browser and it also worked (while the server crashed when I removed web.cordova). But I am not sure if this has any side effects / will crash some day???

My app is aimed for browsers. How can I properly remove cordova support in order to reduce the server bundle size?

You can remove mobile / cordova builds by removing the relevant platforms from your app:

meteor remove-platform ios android
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Oh my goodness. I did really do “meteor add-platform android” some time ago and now completely forgot about it. Thank you very much, coagmano.

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