Server Config PEM Passphrase : mup

What is the JSON key to use to tell mup (/.deploy/mup.json) the passphrase for your ssh key?

Also, which file could you use as a mup reference for all the key:value pairs in mup.json? I read the mup docs but of course only the most common config options are listed there.


IIRC keys with passphrases aren’t supported.

Oh, crap. Ok. I can just generate a separate key for this server. I’m only ever going to use it for deploying Meteor apps anyway.

BTW, I got the ssh key issue worked out and typed mup setup.

And mup connected to the server ok. But when trying to install Node.js from the NodeSource ppa, it got an error that Python was installed. There wasn’t anything in the mup docs about needing Python, though. Must be a NodeSource requirement. Do you have any idea whether it needs Python 2 or Python 3?

They are supported :smile:

@thebionicman see:

That’s awesome (and safer). Thanks for the update.

You should update the boilerplate mup.json file, though. It still says (in the comments in the ‘server’ k/v pair):

// WARNING: Keys protected by a passphrase are not supported

Oh yes. Could you send me a PR :smile:

Sure man - no problem. Done