Server crashes at the end of promise chain



is it normal that the server (node) crashes when I throw a meteor.error a the end of a promise chain?

and How can I return the error object inside the meteor.error (or is this only used for the client)?

Does meteor not stop the function execution?

			.then(function(resultOfStreamStep){ //Copy the APP
				console.log('2 then: result Of create Stream Step: ', resultOfStreamStep);
				return copyApp(templateApp.guid,' - ' +
			.then(function(appGuid){ //Publish into streamId
				console.log('3 then: result of copy app step, has guid', appGuid);
				return publishApp(appGuid,' - ' , streamId)
			.catch(function(err) {
				**// throw new Meteor.Error('Catch error app generation chain: App generation failed', 'err');**