Server folder is missing in Developer tool


Hi folks,

Where is Server Folder? How can i debug from Sever folder?


The server folder does not exist on the client. To debug the server you should look at the meteor shell command and/or node-inspector.



I run env NODE_OPTIONS=’–debug’ meteor run after installed npm install -g node-inspector.
I am getting error message and it says:

C:…\Projects\METEOR_socially>env NODE_OPTIONS=’–debug’ meteor run
’env’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I am using Windows 7


In Windows you’ll need

set NODE_OPTIONS="--debug"


i set it then i run meteor or meteor debug.
it says : “Meteor cannot currently handle quoted NODE_OPTIONS”


Try removing the quotes - Windows is a little weird about them!


it goes well. Many Thanks ! :slight_smile: