Server isn't connecting

I am just getting started, and I have a windows 10 pro system, installed meteor, and trying to connect to the server so I can see the starter template in my web browser (chrome) and it says starting your app (command prompt), but just sits there spinning in the terminal. Any ideas of what i’m missing/doing? Thanx in advance!

I think you’ll need to provide more info for others to help. This is like going to an online form and saying my car won’t start can someone help me :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I figured out the problem. I was using the wrong port, (it was already taken). Thanks though! Have a great one!

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Start meteor with METEOR_PROFILE=1 environment variable, to see where it stuck.


This won’t work as written for the OP who’s working on Win 10… Need to set the environment prior to executing the command line.