Server-render on page with Meteor.subscribe


I have a page on my site which fetches data from the database to render a list of links that I want google to index. The page looks something like this:

class Example extends Component {

    render() {

        const {items} = this.props;

        return <div className="centeredPage">
            <div className="content">
                <p>This is some static text.</p>
                {> {
                    return <Link 
                        url={ item.url } 
                        key={ item._id }


export default withTracker(() => {

    return {
        items: Items.find().fetch(),

I would like to use server-render to render this page from the server and return the full page (including the links) once they are fetched from the database. Is this possible using the server-render package, and if so, how is it done?