Server resource monitoring - what are you using?

Just wondering what everyone (individuals or very small startups) is using to monitor resource usage on the server(s) hosting your Meteor apps. Disk space, CPU usage, memory usage, etc. New Relic’s pricing is way out of my budget. I could go for something that’s free or maybe $20/mo at most. I don’t like Nagios, I think it’s terrible as far as UI/UX goes.

Any suggestions?

Some options I’ve found via a cursory search: Stackify, Datadog, LogicMonitor.

On some customer projects we are using PRTG because it easy User friendly

On linux servers we use

  1. (smaller environments)
  2. (larger customers)

Those are fine for us.

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I’ve been spending some time with Datadog. I really really like it! Great interface, affordable, and powerful. Big fan.

I’ll have to take a look into this as well, thanks!

Why don’t you use Datadog anymore?

What do you mean? I just discovered it today and started trying it out.

Ah … I thought you had already used that but now are looking for new service.

So I was fault

I just came across this wonderful tool namely SeaLion. The UI is quite simple and lets you view raw outputs across your servers. You can go back in time and debug the issues. The latest version is shipped with NGINX, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis metrics and command to monitor your specific servers. The pricing is on the lower end as compared to the other tools as well!

I guess you are not hosting on Galaxy? i dont’ see how I can use DataDog with Galaxy

Ahh, that’s an old post. I actually do use Galaxy now, and its monitoring + Kadira is plenty for me.

We deploy on our own servers and use icinga2 (nagios fork). Love it! Sends us emails when things go bad - we have it monitoring our app, website, db’s, pm2, load balancer — sleeping better at night!