Server responded with a status of 502 when trying to use Meteor.loginWithPassword

I just had installed and integrated SSL into my web app since I encountered the “unsecure website” warning which I thought caused the browsers to stop sending out my requests to my server.

However, right now, when i try to login to my webapp, I encounter this log in my console. And I can’t get past the login screen anymore. For some reason, directly accessing the IP of the droplet where I’m hosting my web app is returning 503, but using the domain will still show the web app login.

(using mup to deploy to Digital Ocean).

I was wondering if anybody can help with this, I’ve been at it all night :bowing_man:t2:‍♂.

Did you check any logs for specific errors in your server?


Should I check that in the Droplet’s console? Sorry, I’m virtually clueless on the server/backend side of things :sweat:

Unfortunately, unless we can guess what the error was, you need to view your error logs to know the error

That’s true.

I’ll investigate further, but for now, unfortunately, I will have to skip the Meteor.loginWithPassword function since that’s where I get stuck. (Other functions like accessing databases, routing, etc, seems to work without a hitch!) Time constraint has pushed me to consider less desirable options in making things work :sweat_smile:.

Btw @rjdavid, I’d like to thank you for responding to my queries, even the previous ones, definitely keeps my hopes up in working on my project! :bowing_man:t2:‍♂