Server-side debugging broken in latest Meteor


I used to change “–debug-brk” to “–debug” in “tools/run-app.js” to allow me to connect the debugger after startup, but that doesn’t work in the latest Meteor - the debugger UI is just empty when I connect.

If I leave it as “–debug-brk” and connect the debugger, I have to press “continue” many, many times because it breaks every on uncaught “Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory” exception during startup. These exceptions are harmless since Meteor runs normally in non-debug mode. Node Inspector has no way to disable “break on uncaught exceptions”, it seems.

How is everyone doing server-side debugging in Meteor right now? It’s an important part of my workflow, so I’m stuck right now.


Apologies, the uncaught exceptions were peculiar to my install. After I wiped my package cache, they went away. So Meteor with “–debug-brk” is again usable.

meteor debug is your new friend

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