Server side only integration tests


I want to write server side only tests to make sure my public API is working fine. I’m looking for a way to write integration tests that I can run from the terminal, and with a command that will succeed of fail once tests are run (instead of staying alive as it happens with meteor test --driver-package practicalmeteor:mocha)

Any idea?


Just fond that part: Will report on helpful progress :slight_smile:


All right. So far, I have:

meteor test --once --full-app --driver-package dispatch:mocha-phantomjs

That boots a real version of the app, loads all files that are *.app-tests.* run them, and succeed or fails once done. That’s nice, but also very slow to build since it’s loading everything, including the client code I don’t care about at this point.

I’m also using removing --once while coding to get a reaload faster than a total rebuild. But overall things could be faster :slight_smile: