Server specs to support production deployment? Help!

Hi again. Again, I don’t know whether to place this under help or deployment, but…

I have a separate question about production. I noticed that there are several options to deploy a Meteor application to (Galaxy, Modulus, Amazon, Digital Ocean), yet I am totally unsure of how much a server can support in terms of requests, users, etc.

For example, Galaxy:

0.5 ECU

Modulus, Amazon, Azure, Rackspace are the same in terms of pricing model.

Can I host multiple Meteor apps on this server? Could those specs handle 1,000 simultaneous users? 10,000 simultaneous users? I have no ideas. Firebase makes it much easier by saying “Unlimited users, 10GB data transfer” The pricing is more “fixed” making me feel more secure, than a “pay for what you use” that when you adjust the specs of the server quickly gets expensive.

Digital Ocean seems inexpensive enough that even if it scales out it won’t kill the ol pocketbook.

Thanks for your help!

Anyone have any good info?

I wish it were that simple. It completely depends on your app. The stock meteor app you get when you ‘meteor create’ could scale pretty damn well I imagine.

I realise that doesn’t help you. I’d suggest the best direction is to launch your app, find out what your scalability is and from their optimize and scale. Even Reddit and Github go down at times so it’s impossible to be completed impervious to scaling issues.

That said there are some good use cases for scaling meteor. Such as