Server to Server DDP, disallowed to update remote collection


I have splitted my app in to two separate “apps” which are not using the same database.
I need to update a collection on one of the remote servers (clients?).

//server 1
var birds = new Mongo.Collection('birds');

//server 2
var remote = DDP.connect('server1');
var birds  = new Mongo.Collection('birds', remote); //connect to the remote database
var update = update.birds(birdId, {$inc: {timesPooped: 1}}); //throws error - 403 - Access denied

There are no Allow/Deny rules set up, 99% of client updates are made via methods.
I can see the problem, server 2 is a client to server 1, but what is the easiest solution? Using new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver is there something else I’m overlooking or this is the only solution to my problem. Since this is a “server” collection why it does not reuse the mongo collection which is being used on server 1?

I’m guessing this approach (two separate DBs) is making my life harder, therefore I should move everything in to one DB.