Server's variable can't retrieve from Client

// Server side 

Meteor.startup (function (){
	var db = new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver('mongodb://');
	var Films ='Films');
	var Users ='Users');
	var Rates ='Rates');

	console.log(Films.find().count()); // show correct result
	console.log(Users.find().count()); // show correct result
	console.log(Rates.find().count()); // show correct result

// But in the Client side, I can't access to var Films, Users, Rates
// Console error: Can't find variable Films
Template.films.helpers({films : 

You need to create the Films, Users and Rates collections on the client too… they’re not created automatically

you mean : in Client I have to do:

var Films = new Mongo.Collection('Films'); ???

to make this works you will need:

  1. setup your collections on the client and server too (easiest to put them in lib/collections.js) like
    Films = new Mongo.Collection('films');

  2. you need to setup publications and subscriptions
    (or just meteor add autopublish (not recomended for production))

hope this helps

Yes - can I ask why you are using MongoInternals instead of Mongo.Collection?

Yes, because I had put my data in mongodb , so in server side, I have to connect to mongo server for retrieving my data, take it and show in html page. And I think I don’t need to re-create new Collection in Client side while data already existing in server side and it doesn’t make sense for me.

When you create a collection on the client, it uses the MiniMongo API to create an in-memory store (it doesn’t use MongoDB) which is empty. Then you use the Publish/Subscribe to feed data from the server database into the client store. It’s like creating a plain array/object.

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