Serving client files

Hello! I have a question about routes. I’m using blaze + flow router, and for server api meteorhacks:pick. I don’t want server side rendering, but i need to render 2 (for ex.) different initial pages for 2 different user roles and i dont want to share frontend code between them, but they will work on the same data in database, is my only solution is to start two different apps? I was thinking about some rule on serving main.js and maybe main2.js, but its only in theory…

For example:
I have member and admin area. And i dont want frontend admin code to be sent to user with member role in any ways.

Couldn’t you just use the roles package? Have a look at super simple app here which uses roles.

I’m already using roles, but it’s not i’m talking about. I found that feature i need will be in Meteor 1.5 (dynamic script including on demand). But, for example, maybe someone know how CodeFighters structured, because when you navigating between global pages (main login page, dashboard, tournament and etc) you got your browser full reloaded and loads only those page which should be rendered? Maybe they are using SSR?

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