Serving custom user homepage : Fast-render vs CDN?


In one of my apps, when users are logged the initial app loads a custom homepage based on user preferences etc.

I’m not too sure which of the following approaches would be better with respect to (a) app loading time and (b) server load

Option 1 - use meteorhacks:fast-render/inject-initial … when there is a login token, I prepare the custom data on the server and then send it to the client ready to render. from what i understand of fast-render, this means the meteor app will have to serve all the static javascript…

Option 2 - use a cdn (eg culturalme:fastly) for all the app’s static javascript, and then on app load, I’ll need to subscribe to user-specific data and wait for it to arrive before I load the page

Given that the subscription data needed is not so negligible (~5kb), any recommendations over which of these options is globally preferable ? The app loading time is certainly important but less important than economising server resources…