Serving uploaded file via React Router

I am uploading a file to ./uploads folder, how can I make it accessible publicly? I am using React Router. In the client folder I have a file routes.jsx containing basic routing data like

export const renderRoutes = () => (
	<Router history={browserHistory}>
		<Route path="/" component={AppContainer}>
			<IndexRoute component={HomePage}/>
			<Route path="register" component={AuthPageJoin}/>
			<Route path="*" component={NotFoundPage}/>

How do I include a route, that if I call for example would serve a file from BASE_DIR/.uploads/file.png ?

The best and fastest way: Put a web server like nginx in front of meteor and serve up such static files through nginx instead of meteor. Handle everything else off to Meteor through proxy directives.

This has several advantages:
a) it’s much faster
b) you can use any directory on your server, not just the ones in your application’s directory structure
c) You don’t have to include any logic in your application

Thanks, do you think it will work on production server when I push it using Meteor Up which uses docker?

Depends on how the server is configured and if you can configure it yourself.