Session and route changing

helloo everyone,happy new Year…

i need to understand cause meteor docs have no information about how/when session is deleted…

i implement infinite scrolling pub/sub…i use session to increase subscription limit… my default limit is 2…when user’s scroll reach bottom of window, this should increase 2 limit

first time visit the page,, let say myPage,, it shows 2 documents // as expected
typing Session.get("key") on console,, it prints 2 // as expected
when scroll reach bottom of window it added 2 documents // as expected
typing Session.get("key") on console,,, it prints 4 // as expected
when i change route (i use flowrouter),, and get back to myPage,, it shows 4 documents...
typing Session.get("key") on console, it print 2,, instead of 4

is this expected behavior…?? is this mean previous session has been deleted due to route changing…?? or, my mistake…?? as i googling, session variables do not survive a manual page refresh (cmd+r)… i don’t see page refresh when route is changing,

thank You so muchh,

router have nothing to do with Session

but when u said that you change route, how you do it? by clicking on some href ?

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heloo @shock thanks for your response, yapp i click random link on myPage and get back to myPage by clicking it… i put myPage at header menu,

well, then it has nothing to do with router or so, just your code manipulating session.

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i have code like this:

Template.myPage.onCreated(function() {
  Session.set("docsLimit", 2);
  var self = this;
  self.autorun(function() {
    if (FlowRouter.getRouteName() === 'A') {
      Meteor.subscribe('A', Pi(), Session.get("docsLimit"));
    } else{
      Meteor.subscribe('B', Session.get("docsLimit"));

maybe,when i get back to myPage, the myPage template will re-create and Session.set("docsLimit", 2) will be called, then Session.get("docsLimit") will become 2, is this correct explanation…??

it could be, if you change the route to other layout or so.

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okay then, i understand now… thank You so muchh,