Session expiry - meteor

I have trouble prompting the user @ client side while removing user login tokens from the server.
The autorun with Meteor.userId() dependency, is not getting invoked when this happens. I’m using meteor 1.2.1. What could be the issue here?
Thanks in advance.

Check out the Accounts.onLoginFailure function. When I had to migrate our users from meteor’s accounts-password to auth0, I used that function to get them to login to auth0 automatically if their client was trying to continue their meteor session (but couldn’t because I removed the resume tokens from our database).

when we remove login tokens from server side, is there any way we can selectively remove them, identify the tokens from device or desktop?

thanks for the reply, i’ll check it out

They are stored on a per-user-document basis, so if you have some way to associate a target class of device with a set of users, you can choose to remove the tokens only for that set of users.

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that is not possible in my case. every user can login from device (cordova app) or from browser.