Session not being set

I want to show a button in my template which is shown or not dependent on a session value being true or false. However when I want to set the session to false in events it does not happen:

    <template name="Home">
        {{#if reload}}
            <a class="btn btn-primary fontScale reloadBtn" href="#" id="reload"><i class="fa fa-refresh fa-lg"></i> Reload</a>

        reload: function(){
            (imgCount1 > imgCount) ? Session.set('more',true):Session.set('more', false);
            return Session.get('more');

        "click #reload": function(){
             Session.set('more', false);

How can I set the session variable back to false after the button had been clicked?

Are you sure your click event and reload helper aren’t affecting each other? Template helpers are reactive so when you change the more session variable to false in your click event, your reload helper will re-run, and could reset the more value in your Session to true (based on your if statement).

Yes you were correct it was the values being set in the if statement. Thanks