Session package



Please add info to the meteor docs that Session module is not included by default.

For ex. ‘To use Session, add the session package to your project by running in your terminal: meteor add session’.

P.S. Why not to include it by default? :slight_smile:


I was confronted at this when I began meteor, and all my projects need this package.


You have to include any package that you want to use. This allows you to get exactly what you want without unnecessarily growing the size of your build. You also have to include most other packages in the docs, like email, accounts, ejson, check, and the other packages you might want to use. Meteor is more modular than ever, and this is just one of it’s components.

And generally speaking, while Session does work, it’s not the preferred way of implementing things for some developers who prefer to use template-level reactivity, such as ReactiveVar and ReactiveDict.

meteor add whatever you would like to your project!


Agree, but there should be info in the docs that these modules are not included by def. Like for the ReactiveVar module.


That’s super fair. This changed in Meteor 1.2 and honestly, I didn’t notice that the docs made it so clear for the other modules and didn’t on session and check.

I opened pull-request meteor/meteor#6933 and meteor/meteor#6933 which will make this more clear.