Set Autoform CSS

Hello, my problem is: I need to modify a project started by someone else , the project use fezvrasta:bootstrap-material-design-noicons package, this cause that my checkbox and radiobutons don’t display the box or the circle, the form only display the checbox or radiobutton label which is confusing because the user don’t realize there is a checbox or radiobutton also can’t see de elemnt status (checked , not checked), so I remove this package from the project, and magic the checkboxes and radiobuttons are displayed correctly now, but guess what, they look very uggly, so I tried to add other css package autoform-materialize, css-materialize… etc, but autoform do not make use off them, but if I add the problematic package (fezvrasta:bootstrap-material-design-noicons) Autoform automatic start to use it and the problem return,
So after the long introducction, MY QUESTION IS: How can I tell to Autoform to use other theme package rather than the problematic one, Or how to force fezvrasta package to display my Checkboxes and RadioButtons

I hope you can helpme, thanks a lot

Ok not sure which bootstrap version and fezvrasta:bootstrap version you are using or if you are using Blaze. I also found problems with radio buttons and checkboxes. I am using fezvrasta:bootstrap-material-design@0.3.0. The trick is to $.material.init(); in onRendered if you use Blaze

Thanks a lot, it works like a sharm,