Set data context of a template

I am aware that there is a long thread about passing data between templates. This post is for very specific instance of that.

At the moment, afaik, the only way to set the data context is via the Router or in dynamic templates, inherit/set from parent. For instance,

Router.route(’_QuestionInfo’, {
path: ‘/question/:question_id/info’,

action: function() {
    this.render('QuestionInfo', {
        data: {
            question: SRS_APP.Questions.findOne({_id: this.params.question_id})


The data context of QuestionInfo template will be { question: …}

What if I have a dynamic template, for instance:

{{> Template.dynamic template=create_template }}

And I want this template to inherit data context from the parent template. What if I also want it to inherit helpers from parent? Afaik, I’d have to create some helpers and set the data context manually, which is a pain, for instance:

create_template: function () {
return “asdfTemplate”;

create_template_data_context: function() {
return {
// Data that I want to pass, that are not in the data context of the parent template (this template).

{{> Template.dynamic template=create_template data=create_template_data_context}}

Is there a way to set the data context of the current template so dynamic child template can inherit them? Again, I want to keep the routers out of this as much as possible.

u mean like ?
{{> Template.dynamic template=create_template data=this}}

after finishing reading post, consult with this