Set on win without the Internet


At work, a lot of free time, but do not have access to the Internet . Please tell me how to install a meteor on a PC without an Internet connection


These instructions are a bit buried, and you’ll need a net connection initially to download the needed file (or get someone with a net connection to download it and give it to you on a flash drive, etc.), but these alternate windows installation instructions might help. I’ll re-cap them here:

On some network or machine setups Meteor’s installer for Windows may fail. In such cases, follow these simple steps to install Meteor manually:

  1. Install 7-Zip or any other program that knows how to extract tar.gz files.
  2. Download the installation archive from
  3. In a command prompt, run echo %LocalAppData%.meteor – this is the directory in which Meteor should be installed.
  4. Extract the installation archive into the directory above.
  5. Add this directory to your PATH environment variable.
  6. You should now be able to open a new command prompt and run meteor. Some versions of Windows may require restarting your machine first.


When unzipped , the files with the same names are replaced . At the end of the file is one