Set up sub-communities based on languages


I am Wexpo Lyu from Mainland China. I’m a Chinese whose mother language is Chinese. Though my English is not very bad, I got in trouble with the offical English documents. Because some parts of the docs wasn’t written in simple English. By setting up sub-communities, we can solve these by talking in easier mother language, and even create the translation of the docs. Does anyone interested in it? (want to see some one put their hands up for this plan especially Chinese :slight_smile: )

A project did this for example: io.js, on their github you can see they have many local groups. And there is also some translations, Simplified Chinese for example. Chinese group even has their own website.

I think i’m not quite sure what you mean by sub communities but i think you are free to start a forum in your own language/cultural context if you think this would help the people in your area/language to better understand meteor (or for any other reason). Regarding documentation this would probably be a bit more complex but then again possible, too.

Sure. Should I post another post to attract Chinese to build up a Chinese community?