Setting Environment Variable as JSON in AWS Elastic Beanstalk


So I’m trying to set up auto-scaling for my meteor app…and I need Meteor.Settings to be set to the appropriate json object (as I am using packages that require it), but for some reason Elastic Beanstalk does not support JSON Objects as Environment Variables…is there a specific format that I need to save the json object as for the value of the environment variable (METEOR_SETTINGS).

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@arjunrajjain did you ever figure this out? Having the same issue


Hey @schnie, I’ve since switched the Meteor Mobile App for to AWS Opsworks. I would recommend doing the same. There are quite a few benefits to doing so. Primarily the ability to use Web Sockets.

Check out - AWS OpsWorks, Meteor, Docker Deployment.


I found a workaround here, in case there’s interest


the METEOR_SETTINGS is a json string, not object , so something like export METEOR_SETTINGS='{}'