Setting MONGO_URL for Galaxy deployment

I am trying to deploy a Meteor app to Galaxy. Each time, I receive the error Error: MONGO_URL must be set in environment.

I had previously deployed a similar app through Galaxy and the following worked in my settings.json:
"MONGO_URL": "mongodb://,,"

For some reason it is not working this time around. I know it’s probably a silly question but how do I confirm I am using the correct username and password? It’s been a while so I could have changed something at some point. I have only ever accessed Mongo through the Meteor project itself so not sure where to look.

Hi @brendan,

Just to make sure. your MONGO_URL is under
"": { "env": { "MONGO_URL": "", } } ?

If so, please, reach out to our support team at

Yes thanks, the full code is:

"": {
  "env": {
    "MONGO_URL": "mongodb://,,",
    "ROOT_URL": ""

Thanks, will reach out to support.

I reached out to the email twice and have never received a response. Any suggestions?

Try changing the username and password in your MONGO_URL
string to something very simple. Remove any special characters and test.

Hi @brendan , how are you?

We have verified your support request number 31204.

We replied to you, I think our email may have been redirected to your spam box. You can check?
We reply the email to: b****n@workshop.******e

Best Regards,

Philippe Oliveira

Strange. I never received anything. If those stars represent letters, there is a character missing in the name.