Setting time-picker instead of date-picker with autoform-pickadate?

I can’t figure out how to set any of the autoform pickadate packages to use the time-picker… any hints?

any of these datepickers work but I don’t know where to specify them for time only:


It’d be nice to set it in the SimpleSchema if possible. thanks!

please help!!!

Does it have to be part of pickadate/pikaday? I’ve used jplack:bootstrap-timepicker for just time.

I know you can do this with the aldeed:autoform-bs-datetimepicker package as well (or almost any other package that leverages the bootstrap-datetimepicker project, which is a lot of them). You would add pickDate: false to your schema like:

TestSchema = new SimpleSchema({
  dateTest: {
    type: Date,
    autoform: {
      afFieldInput: {
        type: 'bootstrap-datetimepicker',
        dateTimePickerOptions: {
          pickDate: false

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