Setting up a list of cool Meteor-related projects

@sashko, one of my points was to create an up-to-date list of awesome meteor projects. What you think about it?

There’s a list maintained by @Urigo here:

Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for? I am currently working on redesigning the developer-facing parts of, and making something like that a bit more prominent could be cool.

oh, yes, it is. Maybe it’s better to bring this list to main site to attract attention of community to contribute more?

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Yeah this is the site I want to completely re-do:

What else should go on there?

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I think it could be interesting if new projects/repos will be highlighted somehow and they will participate in competition of best project of month, or so (like rising star).
It will show for new users, who first time visit, that community is alive, without digging into forums or repos

I vote and to the list. We should have been in there ages ago: we’ve been running production apps on Meteor since v0.6. I’d love to participate in a case-study or something. should also get some recognition! It’s a quality app!

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We do have in-depth case studies! You just need to talk to @marktrang.

This conversation the way I understand it was more about community projects, libraries, resources, etc.