Setting up DNS for Galaxy

I am trying to setup DNS for my app hostet on Galaxy.
I wan’t my app to be accessible over
Don’t I need a “DNS A” record for this?
I found this:

According to, I need a “CNAME record to your DNS provider pointing to”.

These are my DNS settings:
CNAME (Alias):
Host “” points to “@”

(no A Host)

It’s been 48 hours since I updated the settings, so they should be setup by now.
What am I doing wrong?
What about the nameservers?

Hi, my config is:

type: CNAME	host: www     data:

and then I have simple redirect from ‘non-www’ to ‘www’

Ok, I’ll try that.

A CNAME record is an alias to another domain, and that other domain has an A record of its own. So if you have a CNAME, you don’t need an A record.