Setting up SSO endpoint with Meteor

Hi ,
Could you please help me in understanding the steps needed to set up an SSO end point with meteor .
My Use case is as follows .

User registers with Meteor App . I would like to integrate other PaSS services for Blog and forum .
From Meteor app user should be able to go to forum and blog .


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@Mahesh Which kind of authentication is provided with these PaaS services (blog, forum) ?

Can you please elaborate what you mean by authentication?

As far as I know, he’s just talking about SSO in general with other forums and blogs that already support SSO. He wants to integrate it into his Meteor application.

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Sorry for the confusion .( 3rd party SaaS might be the right terminology )
I will tell my use case .

I have writing a meteor app .
Users will get registered to this app .
As a part of the app , I need to run discourse forum and ghost blog .

deployment is like the following .

So that I can use discourse service and ghost service .

I’d like to know how to do this as well. +1 to anyone who can help us with this.

FYI, this should be in the “help” category.

As discourse allows Oauth authentication, I would setup meteor as oauth2 server (meteor add rocketchat:oauth2-server), and configure discourse to connect to this server for login.
Same thing for ghost :

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Did you find a solution? I’m also interested in allowing Discourse users to signup with their login from my company’s Meteor app.

The solution i got was using flow router . This week end i am trying to do
experiment with react router . My assumption is , we could use onEnter()
for react router .

So you created an SSO endpoint in Meteor for your forum login? I need to do the same thing if you have any code to share!

Anyone figure out how to do this?

@maxhodges any luck?