Setting version and build number for iOS project from Meteor mobile_config.js


Is it possible to control Version and Build numbers for iOS build?

P.S. my dream will become true if Meteor stops to recreate existing XCode project each time…

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YES! second this wholeheartedly. Until then, try this (starting from your meteor project dir), for example:

cd .meteor/local/cordova-build
cordova platform update ios@4.0.x --usegit

Then use meteor build to get an xcode project output that won’t constantly be overwritten

As of Meteor 1.2 you can use buildNumber inside in your mobile-config.js file to set Android and iOS build numbers. See here

I’ve just updated to the latest meteor, and it’s not working.

I’ve set mobile-config.js with buildNumber and no luck, still detects as version 1

Nevermind, the update failed due to some errors. Fixed the problems, Meteor updated, and my app version worked.