Settings.json - Heroku Deployment

I could not find any good article on how to implement settings.json on heroku meteor app deployment. Here is my requirement.

  • Using Public Git
  • Deploying the code to Heroku through git.
  • Since the settings.json will contain secured information I don’t want to check in to git.


  • How to get the setting.json file to to my apps root directory on heroku after doing a"push" from git?
  • How to pass the “–settings” flag to my app on start?

Any help or pointer would be greatly appreciated.


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I’m actually investigating about using Heroku for one of my apps, this is what i’ve found and i think might be helpful to you.
Check “Configure your plugins & settings”


Hello jayjo7, did you solve this problem? Can you post your results here? Thanks!

@therealcos Just got the same issue but solved it by setting METEOR_SETTINGS env var in Heroku with the stringified json from settings.json

METEOR_SETTINGS = {“public”: {“foo”:“bar”} }

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or run from project directory: heroku config:add METEOR_SETTINGS="$(cat settings-development.json)"