Several questions

  1. like I can run the console. what we used before as “console.log ()” does not work if I use what I find on the Internet to find the error, as it does not work.

  2. I have two JSON accordance with Spanish and English languages, now when I try to do: console.log (lang [ “hello”]); in the code or template {{lang [ “hello”]}}
    (Use before the “helper” for sending data and only prints OBJECT OBJECT

everyone says it’s meteor but with things as easy as printing sensillar json array in angular and print to console me meteor browser has become virtually impossible. I hope you can help me, is interesting framework

Sorry, but your English makes it barely possible to understand what you want to achieve. Console.log works in Meteor just like it works without it. Just keep it in mind if you do the console.log on server or on client.