Several versions of the same meteor app

I need to create different versions of our meteor app.
Think of a standard version and a customized version that extends the standard one.
The extended version could have:

  • New modules (new routes + components)
  • Customized modules (new or customized components on existing routes)

Wondering if anyone had something similar and which approaches were considered?

I have this kind of setup for my meteor app : the standard version and a “beta” one where I test my changes before pushing them into the standard one. (kind of prod and pre-prod, but on the same server, and using the exact same production database).

NGinx is used as a proxy and redirect and to two meteor instances running on different ports.

But how do you avoid maintaining 2 codebases?

I use several Git branches. One for standard and one for beta. I push my changes in my beta branch first and if necessary merge into standard one.

Not sure of it helps.

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