Sharded Mongo DB

Is there anyone here that has experience using meteor and a sharded MongoDB instance across different regions?

We are experiencing significant degradation in method calls and pub/sub execution time after my USERS collection is sharded. Basically, every UPDATE style command is 10x slower than before.

Does anyone know how to speed up the database of a sharded MongoDB instance?

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We’d probably need more info than this. What is your shard key, and how are you updating? What is the query you use for updating?

Where are your app servers located vs your db clusters? Where are your routing servers located vs everything else? A small overhead is expected, particularly if you weren’t close to the limits of a single replicaset. But 10x is excessive

If you’re talking about sharding MongoDB on public cloud infrastructure regions, many instance types in e.g. AWS have incredibly poor networking performance. Take care to choose an instance that, despite being expensive, actually meets your requirements.