Share modules between multiple Mantra apps

We have 3 projects that runs using the same core files (some collections and components) and the way we are doing this today is:

  • We use the same git repository for all apps
  • In the root directory we have a core folder that has all the files we need to share
  • We symlink the core folder into the projects and manually add all meteor dependencies that core files need

I would like to create a npm module to share this core files between my apps, but I don’t understand how npm will manage meteor dependencies. The core files need simple-schema and collections2, but this are Atmosphere dependencies.

I tried to use a meteor package, and it works good, but when I try to test using meteor test-packages, the current available driver options doesn’t work well and are so slow! I tried with mocha-phantomjs, meteor-mocha, spacejam but all seems to have bugs and the repositories are abandoned!

What is the best way to share core files like this and be easy to manage its dependencies and test? I am stuck with this since a long time and I can’t find a good solution.

Any help will be appreciated.