Shared or VPS hosting?

Can you help me to choose between shared and vps hosting? What are the advantages of both?

Shared - Cheaper, but can be restrictive. For Meteor if you are not hosting on Galaxy then the configuration might not be right for Meteor and there can be problem. Still for small projects this is the best.

VPS - You have pretty much full control, but can get expensive. This is usually an upgrade from shared hosting once your app/website reaches certain level when you need the additional resources and options that shared hosting does not provide.

storyteller, thank you for your answer. If I understand correctly, I might need to upgrade from shared hosting… Are there any VPS hosting providers with cheaper prices?

I’ve read about InMotion, bluehost, godaddy, also I’ve read in a couple of forums about time4vps (I heard this one for the first time, they mentioned them having cheap prices and good customer support).

Maybe someone has dealt with any of these? That would help a lot.

Typical VPS providers I’m familiar with are linode, digital ocean, and AWS