Sharing databases - is it possible to change collection prefixes to avoid overlap?


I currently host a Meteor web app attached to a database. The site isn’t heavily used and the database is tiny (< 32mb of 1gb), nevertheless it costs me $18/mo.

I’d now like to release a new app and I’d really like to share the database that I’m already paying for until such time as I can justify paying for a second one. I know this is a horrid thing to do, there’s no point telling me so.

In order to ensure that there isn’t any application overlap I’d like to use a unique prefix for all of the new apps collections, including the users collection. Is there any way to achieve this?

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Can no-one help? :frowning:

That $18 per month is for your deployment, isn’t it? Can’t you have multiple databases for the one deployment, like you would for any mongo deployment?

I’ve got two databases for two separate apps running off the one deployment and I’m pretty sure I’m only getting charged $18 a month.

Hey there. Long time lurker, don’t have anything crazy/stupid to say on the already ridiculous forums…until now.

Firstly, my company is almost in the same boat as you, kinda (but not for monetary reasons). We have toyed with the idea of having multiple mongo databases to connect to with a single Meteor app, but some SO posts recommend against it. So our next idea was prefixed collections, however we can’t do that also, because it seems you can’t easily tell accounts-base what you want the collection name to be. It defaults to users, which is bad as it would conflict with other apps accessing that database.

Hopefully you can find a solution, and if you do, please share it. We’ve been looking, and our next step is to go against the SO posts and try connecting to multiple databases from a single app.

Well, that’s embarrassing. You’re quite right :smile:

Thank you.