Short term dev for Meteor API work (remote ok)

I am looking for a mid level developer to help with some API integration work. Experience with the following is a plus:

  • Meteor
  • Mongo
  • Mysql
  • Express
  • Open API/swagger specs
  • React
  • Test driven development
  • CI/CD

The job is quite straight forward, the remote API’s are all modern REST API’s no legacy stuff. Interfacing to CRM systems. There will be a combination of inbound and outbound API’s.

You will work closely with a small team to develop robust working code. We work in an agile fashion, preferring working code over extensive documentation, although some documentation will be needed, even if generated from code :slight_smile:

We are in Melbourne, Australia, all working remotely thanks to Covid. Location is no obstacle, or in other words remote working is mandatory, as 1) we can’t go in the office and 2) Your home office is probably better than the one we have.

It’s a short term assignment, either a month full time, or longer if it is part time. It needs to be done by Feb 1 at latest. We can review the work to be done and come up with a schedule.

Please apply by emailing your CV to, together with your hourly rate and how you would like to work.



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I’m interested in, will send you an email when I arrive home.

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