Shortcut to deploy to Galaxy?


Dear MDG:

Deployment in mup is

mup deploy

Right now, to deploy to Galaxy I have to use this meteor deploy [hostname] --settings path-to-settings.json

(which is ridiculous)

I would love to store the params so I can just call

meteor deploy

in my root folder.

Is this possible?


You can create an alias for your deploy commands:


You can set env vars, but do as @coniel said… create an alias. That is what we do. By doing this you can create different aliases for different deploys. We use “boomsandbox” and “boomproduction”… and add some extra tests in the alias to make sure they are being run from “suitable” directories… and not accidentally from an untested directory.


Thank you guys. I will do this.

@oemig: Do you have some sample code of extra tests? Thanks in advance.

However, it still sucks :slight_smile:

Poor Windows devs will have to write their own batch.
Every project needs an alias. Why all this?