Should be use `Flow Router OR React Router` for Meteor + React

I base on Meteor+Vue.
Now I would like to try Meteor + React.
Which one better Flow Router VS React Router?
Please advise…

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You can use either. I think it just comes down to personal preference. Personally, I prefer FlowRouter as it’s much easier to work with in my experience.

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Go with React Router as it is more in tune with React…but my personal favorite these days is Reach Router from one of the original creator of React Router, Ryan Florence.

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Reach router is going to be merged into react-router:


thanks for all, I will try FlowRouter first.
But I found many meteor package for FlowRouter .
Which one? this one

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Thanks for the update!

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If you’re using FlowRouter on React project, please drop your thoughts/links here —

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I prefer react router for 2 reasons. Mostly, I prefer it in general. I find it easier to work with than Flow Router. Also, it’s portable - if I ever needed to move to another platform, I wouldn’t have to worry about porting the router.

(I will also say that in a Blaze project, it’s Flow Router all the way. Now that I’m thinking about it - I wonder if it would suit Svelte. I’ve had trouble with svelte-routing.)


Very thanks for all.
I will try :blush:

FlowRouter isn’t supported anymore (last update 4 years ago), ReactRouter is, I think it should be clear what to use :slight_smile:

I used both and would choose React Router. It took me a while to adopt it, because the concepts are pretty different. But React Router is way better adopted to the rest of the React ecosystem.

FlowRouter only makes sense if you want to combine Blaze and React. But this is not really a good option. I tried this when upgrading a Blaze app, but it lead to a lot of headaches.


@waldgeist, thanks for your reply :blush:

Excuse me, @waldgeist @zhe1ka
Could you share sample app for Meteor + React Router?


  • currently updated and maintained
  • goes with the react way of doing things e.g. hooks, hoc
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@theara, this current project in beta that we are working on is using Meteor + React

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Could you share your source code?

Oh, you need a sample source code app. Sorry, this is a proprietary project and it is quite sizeable.