Should I be concerned that an Atom update is taking hours, and how can I abort it?

After updating Meteor to the latest version last night, I saw in Atom that there was a “1 update available” message; I clicked, and saw that it was to update atom-beautify from 0.28.12 to 0.28.14

I went ahead with the update, and went to bed - in the morning it was still updating and now, a couple of hours later, it still is.

This can’t be right; how can I abort this update?

Awedly enough (that was on my home laptop), on my work machine Atom also calls for updates, but not only atom-beautifiy but also handlebars. Why would they differ? Work is a Windows 7 machine; home is a Windows 7 / 8.1 machine. Even odder (no pun intended) is that the work machine wants to update atom-beautify from 0.28.12 to 0.28.13, and at home it wants to skip 0.28.13 and go straight to 0.28.14 … ?!? And Atom at home says nothing about handlebars needing to be updated.

I updated both home and work Meteor yesterday.

…and now the update on the work machie (from “12” to “13”) has taken “forever” (hours, and still going).