Should i learn webpack?

Hi i am trying to wrap my head around all those new technologies (React-Redux-Apollo-React-native) and another one of those jumped at me …it 's webpack…i am getting confused as to what i should learn to be productive in the new way of making apps for web and mobile as those are the platforms i will target…i am already comfortable with React in meteor 1.3 …but what is the use for webpack in all of that?

Can you provide me with a roadmap for my learning curve ?
i mean which order
-Graphql Apollo?

and boom i am ready to be productive on both web and mobile

I was just going to ask this…

so flux is dead?

learn redux?

From what I gather, it’s probably worth mastering react/redux and putting off apollo and react native as long as possible. Most places probably still use REST so knowing apollo/graphQL won’t help much. It also sound like react native is still in its infancy.

I really wanted to follow this tutorial but I think the react version is out of date and it uses meteor 1.2:

sure react-native and apollo are just beginning…but from what i could gather apollo /graphql can help accessing REST apis and moreover(in my country most apps use the whole old WAMP so php sql is the backend ).I played a lil bit with react-native and wow for a baby born it still kicks it.
So i wanna add redux as it is used in both worlds(client react/react-native,server apollo).

But then i heard of webpack…i know it bundles js and helps you reduces the app size but i do not know if i have to integrate it in my meteor 1.3 apps…coming from a LAMP stack myself im kinda lost

You don’t have to integrate webpack. Meteor handles a lot of webpack related functionality out of the box, so unless you have a specific reason for using webpack, you don’t have to. There are several reasons why people choose to integrate webpack with their Meteor apps however (such as reduced build times, code splitting, better asset organization, etc.). Search these forums to get an idea of why some people use webpack with Meteor, and take a look at the webpack:webpack package for a really quick way to start using webpack with Meteor, if you so choose.

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Thanks for the feedback…for now i dont think ill need it as you said meteor handles many of its options out of the box,so ill keep using meteor as is until i run into a specific use case for webpack