Should i use apollo?


I am trying to build a social network with meteor. I learned basics of graphql from site.

I am still confused how to use graphql in meteor. And if it make things more complicated. I would like to get your opinions.

Also, What is apollo? Is it free? Where can i learn it for meteor+react?

Sorry for my bad english.

You should read the two articles below.

  1. Should You Make The Switch? Using Apollo Inside Your Meteor App.

  2. Apollo Subscriptions For Meteor Users.



Sorry, If its a noob question.

Do i need another server besides the meteor server to host apollo and graphql?

Using this package

Everything will run on the same server.

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Examples here:

Docs on meteor integration here:


I am using meteor + react. Will check their react doc.

Code tours are helpful…


I gave up on using apollo for now. Will wait for the websocket support.

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The only problem i am facing now is relationships. I can’t seems to find a way to do it without using apollo.

Can you say why you need socket support ATM?

I don’t need socket support.

But since meteor is build using websockets. I think it would be nice if there is websocket support for apollo too. Also, I am not sure how it affect the performance of the app.