Should I use Blaze or React for a Meteor mobile app?


Hello everyone,

I want to create a mobile app using Meteor, just wondering if there is a benefit to using React for mobile development, or if blaze will do just fine? I already know blaze, but if React has significant benefits I hear its easy to learn. Any advice? Tweakbox Appvalley


Hello Daniel,

I think it depends on what you are trying to do.
Blaze is very good for smaller to mid tear applications.

React has a bigger community.

Personally I switched to vue because I wanted to use vuetify as a frontend lib. So thats something else you can look into.

I have never used React but I’m going to learn it because you can integrate something like graphql easier and it is not so focused on “meteor only applications” like blaze.
I think blaze can kickstart your application but in the long run you might be better off with react.

So React is something worth learning.
React has a vibrant community with many things already done.

Sorry for my english skills.