Should jQuery that manipulates the DOM (eg Footable) be avoided in Meteor?


looking for some guidance/help, pls:

Footable does a great job of manipulating tables based on screen resolution.

Based on the screen res, it changes the dom and places columns/cells into collapsible areas.

I have implemented Footable in Meteor and it works fine, to a point. (ie with readonly content) I used some autoruns and afterFlushes it behaves relatively well, with changing data.

However if the table was generated from a series of Meteor templates that expect events… eg “textareas” "date pickers etc… When these template components are moved by Footable into a separate div (ie the collapsible) Meteor stops recognizing events on them, which is fair enough, given the dom has been changed.

So, I am going mmmmm… Footable is just not a good fit with Meteor and I need to have another approach.

There is an older Meteor package (Footable v2) and some old threads like which are suing some older Meteor APIs.

Anyway, is there a way to solve this with Meteor 1.2 or should I just bite the bullet and write my own Meteor code to try and do with Footable is doing using basic Meteor approach?

For example, my implementation of jQuery sortables, does not let it manipulate the DOM, I just write changes to the DB and it has the same effect.

Any help/thoughts appreciated

Hi @adamgins… I am facing a similar challenge with meteor 1.4 with react. Did you ever figured out a solution to implementing footable?